Thursday, June 16, 2011

What it’s Like to be Men With Erectile Dysfunction?

Every day, millions of men with erectile dysfunction live a life of half fulfillment because of their disorder. This common vascular related medical condition affects so many people that the numbers are off the charts. For those who are wondering what it’s like to be men with erectile dysfunction, imagine not feeling like you are whole person, not being able to fulfill your partner, and feeling always self conscious about your sexuality and who you are as a person. Such a seemingly trivial disorder can indeed wreak mental havoc upon those who suffer, and can equally be devastating to any relationship; as every healthy relationship is supposed to have a certain amount of sexual activity between both partners to remain healthy.

If you are wondering what is erectile dysfunction, this is a disorder that can be easily defined in laymen terms. For men with erectile dysfunction, the characteristics include the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, as well as overall sexual dysfunction, low libido, poor testosterone and premature ejaculation. If any of these aforementioned conditions applies to your life, you very well may be suffering from ED.

What’s The Number of Men With Erectile Dysfunction in the US?
Tragically, this is a number that is very large, and also is one that grows nearly every day. Aging is the largest contributing factor, but you will find men with erectile dysfunction in all age groups, from ages 25-65 and older. In the US, experts currently place the number as an estimated 30 million adult males. However, since more than 90% don’t seek treatment, the real numbers are largely unknown.

Four Common Traits of Erectile Dysfunction in Men
If you are wondering what is erectile dysfunction and whether or not that you have it, there are some classic signs of erectile dysfunction men. Your doctor is the only one who can tell you for certain. However, this checklist may help you to better determine if you have ED or not.

How to Last Longer inbed – Top 5 Tips Revealed!

f the first thing that crosses your mind when you are having sex is how to last longer inbed, then you may actually suffer from premature ejaculation. It’s a fact that about 1 out of 3 men will suffer from this during their lifetime, and often it’s inconvenient, and occurs during your sexual prime; when you should really be enjoying sex as much as possible and not fretting over something like how to last longer bed. But, sadly, millions of guys the world over will not last as long as they wished that they could in bed, and furthermore, tragically, many won’t even seek a solution due to embarrassment over their sexual dysfunction, when there are amazing solutions that are affordable, nonprescription and that have been designed specifically to help them to perform better in bed.

What it Feels Like When You Yearn to Last Longer Bed
Let’s delve into the mental psyche of a man that wishes he knew how to last longer in bed. Usually the whole thing that you will be focused upon is how long you can last, and not on enjoying the other person and your sexual experience with them. It can be painful for some guys when they can’t last, as they continuously try to refrain from premature ejaculating, the muscles can cramp up and cause much unneeded testicular pain. Last but not least are the mental side effects that can make you feel like less of man, unwanted, stressed or even depressed over your inability to please and fulfill your lover.

How to Last Longer inBed - Top 5 Tips
Thankfully, there are some helpful tips on how to last longer inbed that may just be the turn of tide for you in the bedroom. Here are the top five to better help you to last longer bed tonight:
  • See a sexual therapist and make sure that you are not mentally premature ejaculating. Did you know that many guys who can’t last in bed are unable to because of a mental issue?
  • Change your diet and workout more. Experts say that by eating better foods and exercising daily, you can enjoy vastly improved sexual stamina.
  • Try different sexual aids like penis rings, or even stamina inducing creams and lotions so you can last longer bed.
  • Explore your options with extended foreplay with your lover and retrain your mind to focus upon their pleasure and not yours.
  • Look into supplements that are doctor approved to make you last longer bed and that don’t require a prescription. 


Wondering How to Last Longer Bed?

Do you wonder how to last longer bed ? Have you tried everything that you could get your hands on and still not had any luck? Perhaps you need to rethink the way that you do about your sexual stamina and libido. Thankfully, there are good explanations as to why and how this sexual condition occurs, and there are some great solutions that you can seek out as well to last longer in bed.

Common Mental Feelings OverTo Last Longer in Bed

Do you struggle with the notion of how to last longer in bed and wonder if there will ever be a solution? Does your how last longer in bed questions make it seem or feel like it’s helpless and that there will never be any hope for a real resolution or solution. These feelings of discontent are actually very common amongst men that wish that they knew how last longer bed. Here are few other common emotions that you may be feeling, and know, that you are not alone by any means, as there are millions of men out there just like you.
  • Feeling unfulfilling as a sexual partner.
  • Scared or embarrassed to have sex.
  • Tired of making up excuses.
  • Depressed or anxiety ridden over how last longer in bed .
  • Avoiding sex at all costs because you have poor sexual stamina.

How to last longer bed– Top Tips and Tricks

Certainly, you would not be reading this article right this very moment if you didn’t want some real answers on how to last longer bed. So to better apprise you of the many different options that you have, here are the top solutions that are out there for you today.
  • You should see your doctor and discuss to last longer in bed and see what solutions they have to offer you.
  • You can look into creams, lotions and oils, but often they are only a semi effective solution, as they only last so long to numb the tip of penis.
  • Sexual therapists can teach you mental tricks on how to last longer in bed
  • You can try prescription drugs that will allow you to last longer in bed.
  • You can look into natural supplements that use clinically tested ingredients and that don’t require a prescription.